A downloadable game for Windows

Average Length: 60-90 Minutes 

Endings: 1 

Game Summary: There exists a rumor that if you spot a girl wearing a fox mask, you have been targeted by a phantom that people simply call ‘the Fox.’ It is said that this phantom is a reflection of the victim’s inner conscious and is, at first completely harmless. She will simply observe from afar, unnoticed by passersby and taking no action. Days later, she will begin following the victim, slowly but steadily, and vanishing at will. By the seventh day, she will begin a relentless chase until the victim is caught and dragged to hell. It is said that the only way to get rid of the Fox is to make peace with a great sin you have made in your life, but when a girl wakes up one day with a bad case of amnesia and three days off the clock after waking up from a coma, she must discover the truth and atone for her wrongdoings in four days before she is ultimately killed by the phantom.

Published Oct 07, 2017
AuthorAtlas Atrium
Made withRPG Maker
TagsFemale Protagonist, Horror, RPG Maker, supernatural


Follow the Darkness.zip 73 MB


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Nicely done! I liked the visuals and soundtrack. The story was neat too, good job overall!